January 2019

HOW TO PROCEED IF YOU Can’t Get An Erection

Consciously or not, most people who socialize together with you will always test your boundaries. When you don’t have clear boundaries, those you accept and those you don’t, it shall allow others to take advantage of you by draining your…

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Wedding Greeting Quotes

Vaughan/Monet: Despite Vaughan being 3 years her junior, Monet warms up to her new spouse and family, plus they have a good banter in their honeymoon suite. What they don’t have is a dialogue about the near future and boundaries,…

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Benefits Of Marriage Counseling

The prevalence of assault in america includes an estimated annual 3.2 million men and 1.9 million women reporting physical assaults, based on the National Assault Against Women Survey. Whether you’re in a love gone incorrect or you understand a good…

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